How to Add an email subscription to your Google Blogger Website

Email subscriptions are a useful tool for bloggers since they let you develop a following and regularly interact with your audience. Popular blogging platform Google Blogger provides a straightforward method for including an email subscription option to your website. We will walk you through the process of adding an email subscription widget to your Google Blogger website step-by-step in this post.

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1. Log into your Google Blogger account
Start by using your Google credentials to log into your Google Blogger account. You will be sent to your Blogger dashboard after you have logged in.
2. the “Layout” Section
Select the “Layout” option for the blog where you wish to install the email subscription widget from the Blogger dashboard. You will then be sent to the layout editor.
3. Add a gadget
You may view a visual depiction of the layout of your blog in the layout editor. Find the location where the email subscription widget will go. It can be in your blog’s sidebar, footer, or another area. In that area, click the “Add a Gadget” option.
4. Choose the “Subscription” device
There will be a list of gadgets you may add to your blog in a new window that opens. Click on the “Subscription” gadget after scrolling down to discover it.
5. Set the Subscription Gadget’s options
You may alter the parameters for the “Subscription” gadget after choosing it. Choose if you want to show the number of subscribers and enter a headline for the widget (such as “Subscribe to Our Newsletter”). The wording that appears on the subscribe button may also be changed.
6. Maintain the “Gadget”
Once you’ve made the necessary adjustments, add the subscribe widget to your blog by clicking the “Save” button.
7. Set up the gadget
You may now drag and drop the gadgets on your blog to a different position in the layout editor. Place the subscription gadget in the layout of your blog where you want it.
8. Specify changes and save them
To preview how your blog appears with the new email subscription widget, click the “Preview” button. Click the “Save” button to complete the adjustments if you are happy with the positioning and look.
9. You may personalize the subscription form.
Use third-party email marketing providers to further personalize the subscription form by include fields for name or other information. A lot of email marketing companies provide signup forms that are easily customizable and work with Google Blogger. You may join up for one of these services, design your subscription form, and then embed it using JavaScript or HTML in your blog.
Add an email subscription widget to your Google Blogger website to keep followers updated on blog articles, promotions, or emails. Regularly engaging with subscribers can help establish a devoted following and attract more traffic to your site.

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