Shadows in Motion

 In shadows’ embrace, a dance unfolds,

A symphony of secrets, untold.

They twist and twirl, in graceful motion,

Whispering tales of love and devotion.

Photo by Joseph Phillips

Silent footsteps, soft upon the ground,

The shadows’ whispers, a haunting sound.

They move with purpose, yet remain unseen,

A dance of mystery, where dreams convene.

In the dim-lit corners, they come alive,

Shadows in motion, eager to survive.

They play with light, like a delicate game,

Weaving illusions, a flickering flame.

They mimic our movements, mirror our fears,

Revealing truths, hidden through the years.

In shadows’ depths, emotions reside,

Unveiling secrets we strive to hide.

Oh, shadows in motion, teach us your art,

To move with grace, from the depths of the heart.

Guide us through darkness, with wisdom profound,

In your ethereal dance, let hope be found.

For shadows are not just darkness and gloom,

They hold a beauty, like a blossoming bloom.

In their graceful rhythm, stories unfurl,

Where shadows in motion, paint the world.

So let us embrace them, these shadows that roam,

In their enigmatic dance, find a place to call home.

For within their movements, a truth we shall find,

That shadows in motion, are reflections of our mind.

Note: “Shadows in Motion” is a poem on the interesting nature of shadows and its metaphorical importance. It depicts shadows as enigmatic beings who perform a mesmerizing dance, exposing secret stories and emotions. The poem explores the concept that shadows are more than just emblems of gloom, but can contain beauty and wisdom in their beautiful motions. It implies that through accepting and comprehending shadows, we may acquire insight into our own inner truths and find hope even in the midst of gloom. Finally, “Shadows in Motion” invites us to embrace shadows’ enigmatic fascination and acknowledge their ability to mirror the depths of our awareness.

The Rose’s Tears

 In gardens fair, where beauty blooms,

A solitary rose, with grace it looms,

Petals delicate, kissed by the sun,

Yet in its heart, a sorrow begun.

Photo by 雪春 尹

For every morn, when dewdrops fall,

The rose awakens to nature’s call,

But hidden within, a secret weeps,

The pain it holds, it softly keeps.

Each tear that falls from the rose’s eye,

Tells a tale of love and goodbye,

A whispered longing, a silent plea,

For a love that once was, but now set free.

The rose’s tears, like precious gems,

Reflect the hurt, the heart condemns,

A bittersweet symphony, it softly plays,

A reminder of love’s transient ways.

Yet, amidst the tears, a resilience lies,

A strength that blossoms, as time flies,

For even in pain, the rose finds worth,

As it embraces both sorrow and mirth.

So, let us cherish the rose’s tears,

For they hold the wisdom of countless years,

They teach us to endure, to heal and grow,

To find beauty within, even when tears flow.

Note: “The Rose’s Tears” looks into a rose’s emotional depth, showing its underlying sadness and desire. The poem emphasizes the rose’s perseverance and power, as well as the beauty found in both pleasure and sadness. The poem invites readers to comprehend the complexities of emotions and to accept vulnerability in order to grow personally. The poem urges readers to treasure and learn from their own sorrows and experiences, promoting personal growth and comprehension.

The Moon’s Whispers

 Beneath the starlit veil of night,

The moon’s whispers gently alight,

A secret language, ethereal and bright,

Guiding souls through darkness’ flight.

Photo by James Wheeler

Its silvery beams, a celestial thread,

Weaving tales of dreams, yet unsaid,

A lullaby of hopes, softly spread,

In moonlit embrace, worries shed.

The moon’s whispers, a cosmic plea,

Revealing truths we long to see,

Unveiling mysteries, wild and free,

Awakening the dormant poet in me.

In lunar glow, enchantment weaves,

A symphony of shadows and leaves,

Each whispered word, my soul receives,

As the moon’s essence tenderly cleaves.

With each soft breath, a silent vow,

To chase away the night’s darkest brow,

The moon’s whispers, a solace now,

A balm for hearts that ache and bow.

Oh, moon’s whispers, sweet and pure,

Through the night, forever endure,

Illuminate paths unsure,

Embracing us, forever secure.

So, let us listen, with hearts untamed,

To the moon’s whispers, forever unnamed,

In its gentle rhythm, we shall be framed,

As we dance to the celestial refrain.

Note: The poem “The Moon’s Whispers” focuses into the moon’s magical and captivating impact on our emotions and imagination. It explains the moon’s whispers as a secret language that guides us through the darkness of existence. The silvery beams of the moon weave tales of dreams, producing a comforting lullaby. The core of the moon’s whispers is a cosmic plea that reveals hidden truths while motivating creative expression. The poem encourages the reader to pay close attention and use the moon’s whispers to lead and illuminate their journey. The closing stanzas underscore the timeless nature of the moon’s whispers, encouraging us to accept their presence as well as the mystery and beauty that surrounds us.

Birds Eye View

Far from people that’s view everything

It can see every path it choose to fly

Hunger for it’s own eye

The eye that witnessed every actions

Photo by David Selbert/

Be a bird that can see evry path it choose

Be a bird that see’s on where to stop

That’s there’s a calamity in their ways

Don’t be fool by worlds doing

Be mindful in every step that we take

Fly like a bird

As high as you can

That you could witness everything

Into your eyes

It’s an eye that could see bad and good actions

You can’t teach on what will it see

As it nature to see

But see pictures on what to save to the memory

As it last into it

Note: Birds eye view shows that no matter what happen or we take path in life on what we see we must need to be mindful. Whatever we see it saves on our memory but we must need to choose on what we really need to saves and last forever.

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