Perks of Being a First Year Student of College

Studying in college may be a little bit different from elementary and high school days. College is the stepping stone to reaching our dreams or what we want to be. The title “Perks of Being a First Year Student of College”, is very explanatory of the student’s feelings when they were in high or lows in their lives.

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The excitement has come when we graduate from senior high school, we have decided with my classmate that we are going to enroll at Ifugao State University-Potia Campus. We see first how to enroll and how to get an entrance exam to get admitted by the University. The entrance exam has finally come, we are separated in getting there because I use a motor but my cousin drives it for me then my other classmates drive by their grandparents, friend, and their vehicles. 

We arrive at the entrance exam room on the second floor of (COE) College of Education, when we are in the room many students are waiting for it then after a few minutes the proctors start telling us the rules and how to answer, afterward we start answering. 

In August the enrollment has arrived, and we must need to see the results of our entrance exam test. I thought I have accompany for enrollment but I don’t have, I feel unhappy but excited because I made new friends on that day. We proceed in the COEs on where we get approval. 

I take a Bachelor of Secondary Education, and I want to learn more to gain more exposure and experience. Let’s fast-forward, on the first day of our class, I’m a little bit ’cause I don’t know what to do, or who to approach but as the day go by we made friends, and also in our classroom there are different places where they come from and different cultures, identity. Through the bits of help of social media, we become more connected and more friends.

It is not easy when you are in college, but I’m preparing myself to be a future teacher someday in God’s plan and grace. Being in college as a border in a school’s boarding which is IFSU KING’S DORM, gives us a student a little bit lower to pay in comparison to private boarding houses. Living in a dorm you must need to obey the rules and obligations such that you are obligated to clean in a specific area that was assigned or in the schedule. 

As a student I experience going to school without money, no viand, just eating and going to school to be not absent as the other instructor tells that if you don’t enter three times in their classes automatically drop out. I feared being dropped out because it is not within my motto to be absenteeism. To be honest, if you think about your problem about financial and other problems, proven and tested that it’ll make you thin and not focused on your study. 

Overall, students may experience highs and lows in their life but we are here still striving and chasing our dreams for our future and the future of the world. I do believe that we can do this, my fellow students, we are born to be successful and believe in God’s presence as he is the greatest creator, provider, and everything.

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