Shadows in Motion

 In shadows’ embrace, a dance unfolds,

A symphony of secrets, untold.

They twist and twirl, in graceful motion,

Whispering tales of love and devotion.

Photo by Joseph Phillips

Silent footsteps, soft upon the ground,

The shadows’ whispers, a haunting sound.

They move with purpose, yet remain unseen,

A dance of mystery, where dreams convene.

In the dim-lit corners, they come alive,

Shadows in motion, eager to survive.

They play with light, like a delicate game,

Weaving illusions, a flickering flame.

They mimic our movements, mirror our fears,

Revealing truths, hidden through the years.

In shadows’ depths, emotions reside,

Unveiling secrets we strive to hide.

Oh, shadows in motion, teach us your art,

To move with grace, from the depths of the heart.

Guide us through darkness, with wisdom profound,

In your ethereal dance, let hope be found.

For shadows are not just darkness and gloom,

They hold a beauty, like a blossoming bloom.

In their graceful rhythm, stories unfurl,

Where shadows in motion, paint the world.

So let us embrace them, these shadows that roam,

In their enigmatic dance, find a place to call home.

For within their movements, a truth we shall find,

That shadows in motion, are reflections of our mind.

Note: “Shadows in Motion” is a poem on the interesting nature of shadows and its metaphorical importance. It depicts shadows as enigmatic beings who perform a mesmerizing dance, exposing secret stories and emotions. The poem explores the concept that shadows are more than just emblems of gloom, but can contain beauty and wisdom in their beautiful motions. It implies that through accepting and comprehending shadows, we may acquire insight into our own inner truths and find hope even in the midst of gloom. Finally, “Shadows in Motion” invites us to embrace shadows’ enigmatic fascination and acknowledge their ability to mirror the depths of our awareness.

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