The Rose’s Tears

 In gardens fair, where beauty blooms,

A solitary rose, with grace it looms,

Petals delicate, kissed by the sun,

Yet in its heart, a sorrow begun.

Photo by 雪春 尹

For every morn, when dewdrops fall,

The rose awakens to nature’s call,

But hidden within, a secret weeps,

The pain it holds, it softly keeps.

Each tear that falls from the rose’s eye,

Tells a tale of love and goodbye,

A whispered longing, a silent plea,

For a love that once was, but now set free.

The rose’s tears, like precious gems,

Reflect the hurt, the heart condemns,

A bittersweet symphony, it softly plays,

A reminder of love’s transient ways.

Yet, amidst the tears, a resilience lies,

A strength that blossoms, as time flies,

For even in pain, the rose finds worth,

As it embraces both sorrow and mirth.

So, let us cherish the rose’s tears,

For they hold the wisdom of countless years,

They teach us to endure, to heal and grow,

To find beauty within, even when tears flow.

Note: “The Rose’s Tears” looks into a rose’s emotional depth, showing its underlying sadness and desire. The poem emphasizes the rose’s perseverance and power, as well as the beauty found in both pleasure and sadness. The poem invites readers to comprehend the complexities of emotions and to accept vulnerability in order to grow personally. The poem urges readers to treasure and learn from their own sorrows and experiences, promoting personal growth and comprehension.

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